Date: 16/11/2015 - ESAPPS Ltd

Privacy Policy

Customer Information

ESAPPS Ltd do not share any information collected. We do not share sell any information collected to a third party. All the information collected is for ESAPPs products only. Customers have the option not to give us the information if they so wish. All products can be used without giving us any personal information.

Kind of Information

ESAPPS Ltd ask for the customers email address so they can be contacted by ESAPPS Ltd to be told of future products and services. Plus any beneficial information we have regarding our products and services.

Notify Customers of changes

ESAPPS Ltd want to notify customers of any changes and upgrades to products and services they may have already purchased.

Device Information

ESAPPS Ltd want to keep customers informed of changes in technology. If a device is no longer capable of running new products owing to technology changes we want to keep customers up to date with this information.

Communicate with Customers

ESAPPS Ltd want to be able to have the option to communicate with customers regarding all important information that may affect our products. If the company changes hands owing to a buy out or any other legal implications that may occur that we currently cannot foresee.

Promote Safety and Security

If there is ever an issue with security or safety with any of our products and services we would want all customers to be aware as soon as possible.

Company Number: 09232552